What We Do

GRAPHIC DESIGN (Product Code: D5)

Graphic Design means many different things to different people. At Print Studio, we are here to assist you in making your ideas into a product. The most important item in your product is the content or the information. We are in an electronic world so to ensure that your time is well spent, we ask that you bring in the information required for your product.

Business Cards:  Name of Business, Tag Line, Full Name(s), Title (Owner, etc.), Phone Number, Fax Number, Email Address, Website, Address Including Postal Code.

Graphic Design$75/hr. Billed in 30min. Increments
Logo RedrawExisting Logo - Hard Copy or Bitmap
Logo DesignLogo - Only Idea or Sketch
LayoutInformation Provided Electronically
Creative DesignPrint Studio Provides Total Look
Text LayoutFont Matching, Text Reproduction
TypingTyping for Above Graphic Design

DESIGN (Product Code: A10)

Bring us your concept and we will work with you and your project to make it a success. The first step is consultation of where we can provide you with a time- line and expectations.

Graphic DesignQuantifierPrice
Graphic DesignPer Hour$75.00
Web DevelopmentPer Hour$55.00
Web UpdatePer Update$35.00
Website - 6 PagesPer Site$375.00
Image ScansEach$5.00
Cd BurningPer File$2.00
Set-upPer Project$25.00